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5 Blitz Facts about Tequila

One of the greatest exports of Mexico and perhaps, our greatest companion on a night out is Tequila.    The drink which was produced as far back as the 16th Century near the city of Tequila has cemented itself as a highly popular drink in the UK for many years now.

Here are some quick facts about Tequila that you may have not known.

  1. In Mexico, tequila is drunk without salt or lime.
  2. Tequila is not made from Cactus.  Blue agave, the plant which tequila is made from, is from the Lily family….. *mind blown*
  3. Much work of making the drink is done by hand.  Agave is hand selected for harvest and then harvested by hand.
  4. Tequila is to be sipped like a glass of wine, and not downed as a shot.
  5. Some tequila like Patron, is made using ancient methods.

So there you have, 5 short and quick facts about tequila.  I still cannot believe they’re not made from cactii!